The All-New Bronze Gazette is Now Accepting Subscription Orders!

BG01-Cover-UprightPulplications! is pleased to start accepting subscription orders for the all-new Bronze Gazette. Issues 76 and 77 will publish in 2016 and USA-based fans of Doc Savage will be able to get both issues for $20. Due to mailing costs prices will be slightly higher in Canada and elsewhere.

Get all the details

Want to see your art in the new Bronze Gazette?

bgds1Here’s those pesky specs every artist needs:

If artwork is intended for black and white reproduction grayscale is preferable.
Color art in RGB.

At print size minimum 300 dpi, 600 dpi preferable. Twice up, 300 dpi best.
Acceptable file formats: .jpg .pdf .psd (flat, no layers) .ai .eps .tif .png

And one more thing:

We accept Doc Savage related art exclusively.

Full page – 5 w x 7.5 h inches
Half Page Horizontal – 5 w x 3.75 h inches
Half Page Vertical – 2.25 w x 7.5 h inches
Quarter Page – 2.25 w x 3.75 h inches
Square (can be used for 3 quarter page illo or single column spot) 5 x 5 inches
Full page full bleed 5.75 x 8.75 inches

Send your submissions to, oddly enough,